Bringing Building Maintenance into the 21st Century

Environmentally friendly maintenance practices utilize the latest techniques and materials that have been proven to be effective and less expensive than supplies from decades past.

M&K Excellent Cleaning, is dedicated to using the best materials that have a lower long-term cost to help maintain and improve work environments for all. 

As workplace safety standards tighten over the coming years, being proactive in advance will allow your company to maintain compliance without added expense.

About Us

green cleaning

M&K Excellent Cleaning is a Green Certified, OSHA approved service provider with substantial experience in environmentally friendly building maintenance services.

We are dedicated to set the bar for other companies in the environmental sustainability consultancy field. We are fully licensed and insured.

Our Certifications

We have earned many certifications since we started operations:
  • Green Cleaning Certified
  • Hazardous Materials Certified
  • Mold Remediation Certified
  • OSHA Approved